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Cravings for Every Meat Lover

Indulge in the tantalizing taste of perfectly grilled meats, aged to perfection or marinated to perfection – all prepared right at your table just the way you like it. Whether you crave the succulent flavors of prime steak, beef ribs, three-layered pork belly, beef intestine, tender and semi-sweetly marinated bulgogi, or any other grilled meat, our menu has something to satiate your cravings. With a visit to KOHO, you can savor an array of meats, complemented by a variety of international alcoholic beverages if you so choose. We also offer a selection of traditional Korean dishes and stews, so we’re not just about the meat! This is the ultimate destination for carnivores and connoisseurs alike. Don’t wait any longer, explore our menu and discover the delights that await you!


KOHO'S Unique Meat Experience!

Taste the full, juicy flavors of USDA Premium Cut in sizzling K-BBQ Style right in the Maryland Live Casino, directly across from the Arundel Mills Mall food court!

Authentic or With A Modern Twist?

A whole new world of dining awaits you at KOHO. We proudly serve Premium USDA choice meats, richly grilled to keep the full juicy flavors in authentic, trendy, or with a modern twist.

Serious BBQ, Your Own Way

Pork belly, beef ribs, bulgogi, or any combination you’d prefer. Korean BBQ is a staple of unforgettable meat dining in Arundel Mills so why not enjoy it tonight.